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MYSHINE DISPLAY Modern Luxury Gold-Edged Jewelry Showcase 117

Item Information 📝

  • Item No.: MS117

  • Size: L1200*W550*H1000mm / Customized

  • Color: Gold, silver, black, white, etc. / Customized

  • ODM/OEM: Yes

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Material: MDF wood with painting, Acrylic, Wood veneers, Led lighting fixtures, etc.

  • Certificate: SGS/UL/CE/CCC, etc.

  • Delivery Time: 20-30 days after all details confirmed


  • Product Name: MYSHINE DISPLAY Modern Luxury Gold-Edged Jewelry Showcase

  • Design Style: rectangular shape adorned with gold metal trim, exuding a sense of luxury. 

  • Material: Transparent glass panels paired with gold vertical stripes, adding safety and aesthetics to the jewelry display. 

  • Functionality: The front decoration features a central double door with gold handles, intricately designed where the doors meet. 

  • Detail Processing: The glass interior base is white, with gold metal edges providing stable support for the upper glass display area. 

  • Lighting Effect: Soft lighting under the top trim, with embedded LED strips, highlights the elegant details of the showcase. 

  • Product Description: This MYSHINE DISPLAY modern luxury gold-edged jewelry showcase, with its unique design and exquisite gold decorations, offers a high-end display solution for jewelry stores. The transparent glass panels and gold metal detail design not only ensure the safety of the jewelry but also enhance the display effect. The soft built-in lighting system ensures that the jewelry sparkles from every angle, making your jewelry the focus, whether for everyday display or special events.



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