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Custom High-End Jewelry Wall Display Cabinet Myshinedisplay

Item Information 📝

  • Item No.: MS0404

  • Size: L3000*W600*H3000mm / Customized

  • Color: Gold, silver, black, white, etc. / Customized

  • ODM/OEM: Yes

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Material: MDF wood with painting, Acrylic, Wood veneers, Led lighting fixtures, etc.

  • Certificate: SGS/UL/CE/CCC, etc.

  • Delivery Time: 20-30 days after all details confirmed


Jewelry Display Wall Cabinet Evaluation 🌟

  • Design Style: The cabinet presents a modern and elegant design, characterized by its minimalist aesthetic and clean lines. It’s a perfect blend of form and function, designed to showcase jewelry in the most flattering light.

  • Material Quality: Constructed from premium materials, the cabinet features a durable MDF wood structure with a smooth finish, complemented by acrylic and wood veneers. The LED lighting fixtures are strategically placed to highlight the jewelry pieces.

  • Color Palette & Lighting: The cabinet’s color scheme is carefully selected, featuring neutral tones with gold accents that exude luxury. The lighting arrangement is meticulously designed to ensure each piece of jewelry sparkles to its full potential.

MYSHINE DISPLAY’s Commitment to Excellence

MYSHINE DISPLAY specializes in creating an exquisite retail environment for your jewelry store. We offer:

  • Complimentary Design Services: Our expert team provides free design services, ensuring a personalized and unique showcase for your brand.

  • Customized Furniture Solutions: We craft a complete range of custom furniture for jewelry stores, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

  • Swift Production Cycle: Our commitment to efficiency guarantees a rapid production cycle, enabling you to quickly set up or renovate your store with top-quality display solutions.

As a professional jewelry display cabinet manufacturer, MYSHINE DISPLAY is dedicated to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative designs. Let us help you create a stunning display that captures the essence of your brand and the beauty of your jewelry. 🛠️💎



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