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Table Top Metal Frame Glass Merchandise Display Cabinet MYSHINE DISPLAY 95

Item Information 📝

  • Item No.: MS95

  • Size: L1200*W500*H1500mm / Customized

  • Color: Gold, silver, black, white, etc. / Customized

  • ODM/OEM: Yes

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Material: MDF wood with painting, Acrylic, Wood veneers, Led lighting fixtures, etc.

  • Certificate: SGS/UL/CE/CCC, etc.

  • Delivery Time: 20-30 days after all details confirmed


Introducing the MUSHINE DISPLAY Jewelry Cabinet: A Modern Marvel for Exquisite Collections

Elevate the presentation of your treasured jewelry with the MUSHINE DISPLAY Jewelry Cabinet, a contemporary masterpiece designed to showcase and protect your precious pieces. This cabinet is not just a storage solution; it’s a statement piece that blends functionality with art.

Design & Aesthetics: Crafted with a minimalist approach, the cabinet boasts clean lines and a luxurious golden hue. The central glass display case, illuminated by sophisticated LED lighting, draws all eyes to the jewelry within, making it the focal point of any room.


  • Bulletproof Glass: The cabinet is equipped with high-quality, bulletproof glass, ensuring the utmost safety for your valuable items.

  • Artistic Legs: The four slender legs feature a unique, dripping gold paint effect, creating an illusion of melting gold—a bold touch that adds to the cabinet’s allure.

  • LED Lighting: The top-mounted LED lights provide optimal illumination, highlighting the intricate details of your jewelry against the stark white backdrop.


  • Spacious Display: The ample space within the glass case allows for an organized and attractive display of various jewelry items, from necklaces to bracelets.

  • Secure Storage: The sturdy construction and secure locking mechanism offer peace of mind, knowing your collection is well-protected.

Whether for a retail shop or a personal collection, the MUSHINE DISPLAY Jewelry Cabinet is the epitome of elegance and security, making it an essential addition for any jewelry enthusiast.



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