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Modern Elegance Jewelry Showcase MYSHINE DISPLAY

Item Information 📝

  • Item No.: MS27

  • Size: L2400*W600*H1600mm / Customized

  • Color: Gold, silver, black, white, etc. / Customized

  • ODM/OEM: Yes

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Material: MDF wood with painting, Acrylic, Wood veneers, Led lighting fixtures, etc.

  • Certificate: SGS/UL/CE/CCC, etc.

  • Delivery Time: 20-30 days after all details confirmed


Sophisticated Design & Premium Materials:

  • Modern Elegance: The display showcases a contemporary design that marries minimalism with luxury. The clean lines and defined edges offer a modern look that’s both inviting and professional. 

  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed with superior materials, the display promises durability and stability. The blend of glass, metal, and wood ensures a long-lasting and opulent presentation. 

  • Rich Color Palette: The showcases feature a tasteful combination of dark hues and gold accents, providing a sense of richness and elegance. The contrast between the dark bases and the golden frames enhances the visual allure. 

Functionality Meets Aesthetic:

  • Client Acclaim: Customers have lauded the showcase for its practical design that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal. It serves to highlight the jewelry within while contributing positively to the store’s atmosphere. 

MYSHINE DISPLAY’s Commitment to Excellence:

  • Complimentary Design Services: We offer personalized design services at no extra cost, ensuring that your brand’s identity is reflected in every piece. 

  • Customized Furniture Solutions: Our range of furniture is specially designed for jewelry stores, offering style and functionality in one package. 

  • Swift Production Cycle: We prioritize efficiency, guaranteeing a quick turnaround time without compromising on quality. 

As a dedicated jewelry display cabinet manufacturer, MYSHINE DISPLAY is your partner in showcasing excellence.



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