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MYSHINE DISPLAY Contemporary Glass Jewelry Show Kiosk K76

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  1. Overall Layout:

    • The jewelry display features a modern and elegant design.

    • A central black display unit stands tall, drawing attention to the showcased jewelry.

    • Surrounding the central piece are lower beige-toned displays with glass tops for close-up viewing.

    • The floor is illuminated with embedded lighting, emphasizing the displayed items.

  2. Central Display:

    • The central black display is imposing and serves as the focal point.

    • Multiple white shelves within the central unit showcase various jewelry pieces.

    • The contrast between black and white adds sophistication.

  3. Lower Displays:

    • The beige-toned lower displays provide accessible viewing.

    • Customers can examine jewelry up close.

    • Glass tops allow visibility without physical contact.

  4. Seating Area:

    • Adjacent to one of the lower displays, there are two chairs and a table.

    • This space is ideal for customer consultations, transactions, or detailed discussions.

    • The seating area with chairs and a table provides a cozy space for discussions.

    • Whether you’re choosing an engagement ring or seeking expert advice, our setup caters to your needs.



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