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Personalized jewelry showroom design services with MYSHINE DISPLAY 150

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  • Design Style: The store boasts a modern and elegant design, with clean lines and a balanced mix of materials and colors that create a luxurious yet welcoming atmosphere.

  • Material & Color:

    • Glass Displays: The use of glass in the display cabinets ensures that the focus remains on the jewelry, while the wooden bases add a touch of warmth.

    • Neutral Palette: The store employs a neutral color scheme with grays and browns, complemented by soft pink upholstery, creating a sophisticated backdrop for the jewelry.

  • Furniture Design:

    • Custom-Designed Pieces: The furniture is custom-designed, focusing on functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that each piece not only showcases the jewelry but also enhances the shopping experience.

    • Welcoming Seating: Plush pink chairs and dark wood tables provide comfortable seating for consultations or selections, adding to the store’s inviting ambiance.


  • We offer complimentary design services, creating custom furniture that perfectly fits your jewelry store’s aesthetic and functional needs.

  • Our quick production cycles ensure that your uniquely tailored pieces will be ready promptly.

  • As a professional jewelry display manufacturer, we are committed to delivering excellence in both design and quality.



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